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The Kidnapping Case Natascha Kampusch


by Peter Reichard with a foreword by Stefan Aust
Riva Verlag (German publisher, hardback edition - 21 March 2016)

Since Natascha Kampusch's escape in 2006 Peter Reichard researched together with his Austrian wife Evelyne in the case. He was the author of the German ARD documentary "Natascha Kampusch - 3096 Days captivity" and described the shooting with her in the German ZEIT MAGAZIN. For the movie "3096 Days" he and his wife worked closely with Bernd Eichinger.

Documentary filmmaker Peter Reichard stands for almost ten years in close contact with Natascha Kampusch and has worked its way through intensive research deep into the details of the kidnapping case. He has scoured all essential files meticulously, has spoken with witnesses, participants and investigators and also with Natascha Kampusch herself and her family. He has encountered insights that no one has so clearly worked out before him. The result is a detail-researched analysis of a case. His research brings new, harrowing and previously undisclosed findings about Natascha Kampusch kidnapping time to light and he reported for the first time in the history of this case, after all the media speculation and political scandals, what really happened.








































Available at Riva Verlag (German hardcover book) and (for now only as German eBook).





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